All of Me

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All of Me

April 23, 2016 Introduction 0

You are entering the world of someone who spent years separating themselves into marketable components and trying to sell each piece as something special. It was a lie. It was a lie that could have cost me an entire lifetime of disappointment, desperation, and despair.

Like most mistakes, I was able to learn from them. All the time and energy I spent separating myself was needless. I discovered somewhere along the way that the uniqueness that is appreciated by the people around me originates in the interesting combination of things that exists within me. In separate pieces I look like everyone else. Only when these things come together can I feel like the real me.

Some people admire the multifaceted set of skills and talents that I possess. Some become confused and frustrated that I haven’t selected “my thing” yet. Some can’t see the potential for greatness when my efforts are spread in seemingly unconnected directions. This is the double edged sword that I now yield with pride and enthusiasm. Let my hands be bloody and my mind free to explore everything that I care about passionately. This is me. This is all of me, Omari Akil. I’m glad you are here.

So what’s in it for you? Everything and maybe nothing. I will focus on the ideas that are most crucial to my life: words, style, movement, and love. Here’s a list of  just a few things you might see:

  • Poetry
  • Songwriting
  • Style guides
  • Featured fashion designers
  • Experiences with dance
  • Games and technology discussion
  • Comments about relationships
  • Thoughts on sex and sexuality

I’m aware that generally speaking the internet doesn’t like this. It wants me to be one thing (maybe two). I refuse. We are all beautiful amalgamations. If you love that idea and you want to hear from someone who attempts to embrace it, this is the place for you. If not, I hope you would share this with a friend or family member or ex-lover that you think would enjoy it.

I’ll be here.