Be Not Afraid (of Color)

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Be Not Afraid (of Color)

April 23, 2016 Style 0

OmariAkil-0545I know it seems scary to just put a bunch of different colors together, but you can do it well. Take this look for instance…

The tealish green and dark blue gingham button down from Zara is asking for attention. Not in a 4-year-old at the grocery store kind of way. More like a middle school girl dying her hair a different color kind of way. You could let it take center stage by surrounding it with a few muted shades and that would be beautiful too. The other option is to add another bold color on top of it. The 120 mph red tie does the job here (a bright yellow-gold could work too). You’re in the checkout lane and it wants some sour skittles.

The caramel colored H&M jeans do a great job at adding color without taking away from everything else. This hue does much more for the color palette than a dark brown or black or navy blue could every do. Something too much brighter could be a distraction.

The rubber Nixon watch and Nike 6.0s are the finishing touch. All the other colors give this classic purple color a warm invitation to a already fun color party and they are not ashamed to be there.


Photography by Seth Moser-Katz