Be Uncomfortable

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Be Uncomfortable

November 6, 2015 Movement 0
Purple Silks

It’s that time of year where outdoor physical activities are becoming less and less appealing. I’m not the most active guy. I dance about once a week. I bike to work “occasionally”. I take the stairs at work when there is another human waiting for the elevator and I don’t want to social.¬† I decided to skip the next series of my normal improv classes and do something that puts my body to work instead of my mind. I decided to take a seven week Aerial Dance class.

Have we met?

Hello silk, it’s good to meet you. Oh, sorry, I remember now we have met a couple times before. You’re looking so soft and pretty today, hanging from the ceiling all flow-y and stuff. Wait didn’t you make all the muscles between my ribs that I didn’t know I had hurt? That was you. Yikes. What did I get myself into?

This is going to be uncomfortable and I’m totally looking forward to it.

I’m super excited to be in this class. It’s such a beautiful way to build strength and get better body control and awareness. Faith, the wonderful instructor, really set a challenging pace for the class. Having only done four sessions of Aerial, I was a little lost to start out. I don’t know what a gazelle or a leg crochet is. If I said my climbing technique is terrible, it would be a complement. I’m not used to being suspended from the boa constrictor like grip of a 20 foot piece of fabric. Honestly, those are the things that make me want to go back next week.

I’m probably the crazy one.

The discomfort and challenge feels good to me. I might be the crazy one, but I think everyone should go do something they are uncomfortable with. Get out there and pay for a class that will challenge you. Throw yourself into something terrifying. My guess is that it will be worth it, even if you never do it again.

This class meets every Tuesday, so it will likely be the topic of my weekly “Movement” post for the next two months. Be warned, one of my classmates threatened to take pictures next week.