Glad to Be Alive

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Glad to Be Alive

November 10, 2015 Words 0

Been across the ocean twice

Now I know there’s more to life

Than a couple of hustles build a couple of muscles cause I know they’ll be more to fight

Hoping plight goes away ain’t a strategy

Self taught we not welcome at academy

Know that youre capable even though

Inescapable truth is a tragedy

Can’t settle down here

Keep my bags packed

400 years of emotional baggage fuckin right it leave a man cracked

One happy black family in they neighborhood

Think moving away is for the greater good

All you doing is screwing up the little views of the little kids a generation confused

Add that to the lack of daddies doing right

No elder there to tell you what to do with life

No consistent love felt from a male can

Have you thinking you’re a failed man

Two adults that care for a strong start

But ten adults that care for the long haul

Replace our reliance on the government

With mentors and parents who don’t hover and

need a little dirt for our immunity

breath in the support from our community

Used to think that I’m alone this is new to me

to believe that I know what being human means

No vampire werewolf to scare O

More brains than I ever thought scarecrow

Forget about my independent relevance

Just find a way to use all my intelligence



Oceans of hate Straight


Look its, Another rainbow


somebody get the flamethrower

Wrong colors

Scared of our brothers. No Need

We all bleed


Menstruals, Kitchens

Stereotypics Kill us

The powerful fear us

All words no acts

Political conjugal visits

trick us

This is

Clear to me

Glass ceilings Brick em

Break em

Shake their world

San Andreas fault line Quake em

Lets Go




Take em


Stretch yo

Comfort zone

Touch a life before coming home

At night

gotta gotta gotta

It feels so good feels so right


Glad to be alive

Glad to be alive

Even if I gotta fight

Even if I gotta cry

Glad to be alive

Glad to be alive

Even if I gotta fight

Even if I gotta cry


Take these moments

Food on my plate

Clothes on my back

Far away from being homeless

I live in a sick place

Might feel like a bad dream

Knowledge Is my drug store

And hope is my vaccine