More Solo Blues Please

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More Solo Blues Please

October 29, 2015 Movement 2

I love blues music. I love improvisation. That combination means that blues dancing just works for me. If you haven’t heard of it before, let me help you.

I feel so connected with the music while dancing blues, more so than salsa and other Latin dances. Maybe not quite as much as ecstatic dance, but I’ll save that for another Wednesday Movement post. Dancing blues with someone–making that connection with someone else and with the music–feels really good.

I really enjoy it, but there is something that would make me enjoy it so much more. I need more solo blues to happen. As much as I love the social culture of blues, it sometimes takes away from the pure joy I get from diving into my favorite song feet first with only the electric impulses of my nervous system between me and the music. It’s typically an eyes closed me against the world experience. Each beat I’m attempting to deliver any body part that’s willing in time with the music. I get to listen hard and dance harder trying to keep up with the ever changing melodies and occasional dissonance. But sometimes I open my eyes and feed off the crowd of partnered dancers. Using their movements to influence my own, the dance evolves into something else. Instead of a single partner, now I have many. All the interaction exists, but without the restriction of movement and expression. I can’t be the only person that wants this experience. If the next song is starting, I may choose to ignore the pressure of finding a dance partner and bring it out to the floor all by my damn self. You should do it too every once in a while. When the song is over we can do a long distance high five from across the room.

So this is what I’m talking about…


2 Responses

  1. Elena Norman says:

    I couldn’t agree more! I adore blues dancing. Where do you go Omari? I haven’t seen you at the Triangle Dance Studio Friday night blues dances.

  2. Omari Akil says:

    That’s where you will find me. I don’t go often enough clearly! I’m there for fusion on Saturdays too. Hope to see you around 🙂

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