New Shoes

New Shoes Vol. 1

I’m a shoe guy. 

For this week’s Style Post, I’m gonna do a quick recap of a delightful shoe buying experience I had this past weekend. If you didn’t know already. I love shoes. I’m one of the only people I know that has purchased a pair of shoes to put on display in their home. On a shelf where you might expect an antique globe or a simplistically displayed bamboo plant, imagine a pair of pristine white hi-top Adidas. Now we are on the same page.

Where the hell is Burbank?

While visiting my cousin this past weekend in Los Angeles, I found myself eating way too much Ramen and needing to walk it off. We were in downtown Burbank (I still have no idea where that is) which was kind enough to supply us with a mall for a mild recreational cardio session. Since I am me, there were at least a couple stores on the list that would need to be surveyed for footware.

Don’t try to find the shoe, let the shoe find you.

I haven’t been shoe shopping in about 5 months so the itch was becoming bothersome. I wasn’t familiar with the mall in questions so I asked my guide/relative to show me the good spots for fresh kicks. The first two stores were a bust. I found a nice Puma, but they didn’t have my size. Moving on. Aldo delivered some beautiful shoes as usual, but I wasn’t in the mood to spend $70-$100 on a pair that would be mostly uncomfortable. Then there was Shiekh Shoes, I didn’t think much of the store itself, but walking in and finding two awesome pair of Nikes with sale tags glowing with prices around $50 made me very happy. We might have set the record for quickest sale ever made by an apparel salesman. I know I wear a size 10.5 in Nike. They are the most consistent shoe brand I’ve come across. I asked for both. He returned after a few minutes with one in a 10.5 and the other in a 10. After wearing rock climbing shoes that squeeze my feet like they’re trying to get the juice out for hours at a time, a half size isn’t gonna kill me. I try one shoe on each foot. They fit. They are extremely attractive. Please take my $100 sir and lets get on with our lives.

New Shoes