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Look Good. Play Hard. Write Well. Love More. Learn Everything. – Looking Forward

October 27, 2015 Words 0
Omari Akil Forward

I’ve spent the last 5 years experimenting with my personal website design and learning a ton about myself along the way. Every version seemed like a huge improvement from the one before it but they were always missing something or trying to do too much. I feel so good to have finally found balance. This website has been great to me. I had some frustration dealing with a less content friendly front page and a couple mobile optimization hurdles but now the site is ready. It feels like a rebirth.

I narrowed the focus to 4 concepts that mean a great deal to me.





“Words” represents everything I love about communication and sometimes the things I hate.  Expect to see something that I’ve written every Monday. I’m a writer (I finally said it). Probably a terrible one right now, but eventually that will change because I won’t settle for less.

“Style” represents everything I love about fashion and the way we express ourselves through clothing, hair, makeup, and accessories. Expect to see a description or review of something I’ve worn, admired, or desired every Tuesday. Also–shoes.

“Movement” represents a part of me that sits right at the edge of everything I do. I dance and I’m not ashamed of it. If there is a rhythm or a beat, I’m going to find it feel it and use it. Expect to see something dance related on this page every Wednesday. Mid-week is perfect timing for this physical and spiritual boost.

“Love” represents a side of myself that I cherish. From best friends to siblings to ex-lovers to spouses to strangers, we all have felt it. Expect to see me comment on an article or an idea that I care deeply about every Thursday.

I’ll see you all very soon.

Thanks for reading.