The Multipotentialite Life

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The Multipotentialite Life

March 7, 2016 Love Movement Style Words 0

I’m a multipotentialite. In a nutshell, I have way more interests and passions than I have time. Most people that know me know a few things that I do and or enjoy doing in my spare time. Few people know the depth of my multipotentialism–I’m talking Mariana trench depth. As an exercise I’ll just list some of the things I can do or could be doing any any given moment (in no particular order). The good part is, I’m not alone. You may be one too, but you don’t even know it yet. If you take a look at the list and feel similarly omnidirectional, I’ve shared what I know about dealing with it near the end of this post.

All the Things.

1. Photography & Videography – I’ve done both before and gotten paid for it, but they haven’t been a focus of mine for quite some time. My Instagram is the closest thing to photography that I do now.

2. Video games – I did some writing for a video game blog many years ago. I still play them quite frequently and enthusiastically.

3. Board games – I play with several groups of people once or twice a week. I’ll design one eventually.

4. Fashion – I care mostly about my personal style, but I’m getting into fashion consulting recently as well.

5. Art – I’m new to painting, but I have a project in the works, loosely inspired by Lupe Fiasco.

6. Writing – I’m not particularly skilled yet, that’s why I’m here. Practice, practice, practice. Writing about relationships and fashion are more interesting to me recently.

7. Poetry – I have a few performance poetry pieces that I have performed once or twice.

8. Songwriting – My OneNote is full of song lyrics that are sitting waiting for some talented collaborators to help me bring them to life (Ahem, Robert). My ukulele skills are not strong enough to do it on my own just yet.

9. Improv & Acting – I’ve been taking classes for around a year and a half now and I’ve done a couple shows, a series of mini plays, and one corporate training video.

10. Dance – I dance blues and blues fusion socially every week or so. I’ve taken a few aerial classes, I’m finishing up a lyrical/contemporary class, and I just signed up for hip-hop.

11. Computer Wizard – I have a degree in this stuff and it’s the focus of my 9 to 5. I built my own website, but I (pretty obviously) don’t have time to work on anyone else’s.

12. Startup Co-Founder – It’s a creative writing application called Autora and it’s really close to being ready for the public. I also I have another idea stewing…


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…but wait, there’s more.

Consider, I still need time to spend with loved ones, friends, and family; time to eat and contemplate what I’m going to eat; time to exercise and shower and do my hair (which honestly takes way too long), and time to catch up on the latest Netflix shows. This presents a challenge that any other multipotentialite will be very familiar with.

Every single day is a test. A test filled with endless possibilities and no formula for success. Tomorrow could bring another beautiful avenue that must be explored. You can’t just follow your heart because it’s like an octopus surrounded by the ocean’s delicacies in every direction.

Decisions, decisions.

What now? Make a (strong) choice and go with it. You try your best to prioritize and keep it moving. The worst thing you can do is agonize over the optimal activity for any given moment. I’ve wasted weeks in that mindset and I can tell you first hand, it’s depressing.

Whatever you do, don’t give up. It will probably be a pretty wild ride, so let your hands free, open your eyes, and enjoy every second, because you don’t have any seconds to waste being afraid of the past, present, or future.