Words – No Question

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Words – No Question

November 3, 2015 Words 0

New town

mountains all around

Scenery is pretty but I’m homesick

Home wishing I was sitting watch you sipping on a cold drink

It’s a warm day but those are slipping slowly to zero

Little bit of time apart lets you get into the keyhole of my heart

Little video I sent you should be evidence that I miss you like a creole that’s been skipping out on his seafood


I’m walking down a strange street

Parts of what I see don’t seem real

Glossy look in my eyes like watching paint peel on the ceiling no eggshell

Am I dreaming or is this actually how awake feels

Eating take out meals instead of make out sessions with your lips

that is the lesser of two pleasures

Good company but I’m hungry for your lovely like I smoked a bag of beautiful and got the munchies.


I don’t recognize the skyline.

Familiar names but unfamiliar shapes

The place reminds me that I’m small

maybe slightly underweight but that’s a fine line.

Lights flicker on the sides of dark hills

staring back with a glow that’s insincere

Miss the way your eyes glimmer through a wisp of hair looking so deep I’m afraid of what I’ll find there

The fire grows and sometimes I want a drink from your love sink and get a firehose


I definitely liked the weather

Absolutely not the traffic that was worse than I imagined

I rather own a termite infested cabin

Truth be told, I enjoyed every second but know

When I get back to your to neck and get close to it

Every single pore on me will open and be hoping it will get a little sweat from your exposure to these elements I’m holding til’ we overdose on everything that’s important to us being together

I’ll take a cloudy day with you forever over a sunny day alone

so there’s never gonna be a question of whether I’m coming home